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Documentation and program are © by Jeroen Broekhuizen 2004

The well known Talus Listener is now ported to an NWNX plugin. People didn't want to have to run an additional program next to NWNX server for various reasons. With this plugin this is also not neccessary anymore. This plugin is just a replacement for the Talus Listener executable.

Copyright (c) 1999 - 2002 Politecnico di Torino. All rights reserved.

If you have not installed the Talus Listener program please do so first and read Lanthars documentation. You can download his package from NWVault


After you installed the Talus Listener program you can start with the installation of the NWNX Speech plugin. To do so place the nwnx_speech.dll and nwnx_speech.ini files in the Neverwinter Nights directory. That's all for the installation part. NWNX will automatically recognise and start the plugin.

Now it is time to check which version of the WinPCap libraries you have installed on your machine. You should have version 3.1 or greater to use this plugin (see winpcap.polito.it).


Configuration is only neccessary if your system contains more that one network interface. To be sure of this run the Talus Listener program and see if it presents you a list of possible netwerk interfaces which are available on your system. When no list is presented (or only one item) no configuration is neccessary. In case there are multiple entries listed, remember the number in front of the interface you want to use. Then open the 'nwnx_speech.ini' file in your favorite editor and modify the value behind interface to match the number you remembered (if you forgot, look again :P). That is all for the configuration part of this plugin.


After setting up the plugin correctly I refer to Lanthers documentation about setting up the speech functionality in your modules. He has a great description and a bunch of functions ready for import in your module. No changes have to be made when you use this plugin instead of the Talus Listener executable.


* 0.1.6 at 16-01-2005

- Removed dependency for the libmysql.dll file

* 0.1.5 at 15-01-2005

Fixed some minor bugs.
Takes first network interface if omitted in ini file, or when there are no more available.
New feature: now also runs without database.
NWNX 2.60 compatible.

* 0.1.3 at 13-01-2005

Initial release


1. After installation my server crashes at startup?

This happens when you configured the plugin to use a wrong network interface. Please ensure that the right network interface is used with the Talus Listener program. If that program doesn't crash, the plugin shouldn't crash also. Also make sure that you have the latest WinPCap libraries installed (3.1 and greater).