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09-09-06 14:34
Age: 12 yrs

While I am not attending the Bioware forums on a daily basis, I couldn't help to notice a certain amount of confusion and uncertainty among PW developers regarding the availablility of NWNX for Neverwinter Nights 2.


This is the current status:


1) I have a clear statement from Obsidian: They want to support the PW community and they want to support NWNX. It will take some time before they will be able to fully support NWNX, but I am confident they will do so. Even if they would provide only the level of support Bioware did (read: zero), NWNX development will not be affected.


2) From what we know, it is clear that a least something like NWNX2 will be possible. The internal workings of the engine should have not changed much, and many of the functions we were able to hook in NWN1 should be present in NWN2 as well.


3) As it was (and is) the case with NWN1, the NWNX team and it's lead developer Papillon will offer continuous support for the community members who choose NWNX as their database persistency layer and magic-cauldron-for-everything-else. The idea behind NWNX is version indepence. Patches to the game will not break NWNX, and even if incompatibilities should arise, we are dedicated to fix them ASAP. We have supported NWN1 for four years now, and we will do the same for NWN2.


News about NWNX4 development can be found in the following forum thread:

NWNX4 News

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