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Old contributions which are no longer maintained by their authors are stored here for reference.


Registered plugin authors get their own page on nwnx.org. To view their sites, click on the names below. 


Database Wrapper

database_wrapper is a set of scripts that allows for easy switching between the standard Bioware DB and APS/NWNX. Especially nice if you want to adapt scripts that use that other DB to NWNX.

Author: dguntner | Released: 20.06.2005 | (for NWN1)

database_wrapper_200605.zip   14.7 K

Functions Merger

A custom functions.dll Dazzle compiled, adds some more functions. Refer to this post for more info. Now supports 1.66.

Author: dazzle | Released: 19.07.2005 | (for NWN1)

NWNXFunctions_190705.zip   29 K