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Hashset Plugin

This plugin closely replicates the functionality of the NWNX2 hashset plugin, and the interface was kept as close as possible to the original for sake of compatibility. Below is a list of new functions. The original list of functions can be found here.

New Functions


The function HashSetGetNthKey has been deprecated. GetKey/Value functions can be used independently. However, any changes to the hashset will cause unpredictable results if performed while processing GetFirst/GetNext calls. More detailed documentation for these functions can found in the file nwnx_hashset, and will also display in ScriptAssist.


At this time, I do not recommend using PCs as your hashset objects. In the demo module, I have had repeated issues with the first-used hashset function getting called automatically when the user logs out of the server. These issues have crashed the server; but do not occur when using NPCs or other objects for hashset storage. Once the new hooking system is available in 1.05, hopefully this will be resolved. In the interim, I have put some safeguards in the .nss file and in the dll itself which help to alleviate this issue (but do NOT completely resolve it).


The download nwnx_hashset.zip contains the following files:


nwnx_hashset.zip   438 K