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Installation of MySQL on windows

a. Download MySQL

You could download MySQL on this site : http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/5.0.html#downloads

On the left of the page (see picture 1), You can choose the version of MySQL that you which to install. NWNX4 can support version 4.1 and version 5.0. We will going to install version 5.0.

When you have chosen version 5.0, just make a click on “DOWNLOAD” bellow “MySQL Community Server” (witch is freeware).

picture 1

The link sends you bellow in the page, in the downloading zone (see picture 2).

Click on “Download” in front of “windows essential” for downloading the auto installer package of MySQL.

Picture 2

A message box will going to ask you what do you want (picxture 3).


Picture 3

Make “Record”, then the message box will open the window in picture 4.

Do 1 click on “Desktop” (on the left), next “Record”.

Downloading is starting…

Picture 4

b. Installation

Picture 5

When downloading is finished, go on the desktop, you should see the icone on picture 5...

Make 2 clicks on it for starting the installation…

Windows ask you to confirm (see picture 6)

Click on “Execute”.

Picture 6

Make, “NEXT” in the next windows (see picture 7)

Picture 7

Choose “Typical” installation and click on “NEXT” (picture 8)

Picture 8

In the next windows, just click on “Install” (picture 9)

Picture 9

After the installation, a window will ask you to register (picture 10)

Choose “Skip Set Up” and click on “NEXT”.

Picture 10

In the next window, notch the box “Configure the MySQL Server now” and choose “Finish

Picture 11

c. Setting MySQL

When the setting window is open, click on “NEXT” (picture 12)

Picture 12

In the next window, choose “Reconfigure Instance” or “Create new Instance” according to if you or not had already an installation of MySQL present on your computer…

Then click on “Next” (picture 13)

Picture 13

To have a lot of setting option choose “Detailed Configuration” (picture 14)

Then click on “Next”.

Picture 14

You must, next, choose the purpose of your installation. (picture 15)

-         If you just want to do some development (many other applications will be run on your computer) Choose: “Developer Machine”.

-         If you want to use your computer like a server machine and allow more memory to MySQL (this should be your case if you want to create a persistent world) choose “Server Machine

-         If your computer is a dedicated server, this mean that few other applications will run on your computer, choose “Dedicated MySQL Server Machine”. MySQL will take more memory…

Then click on “Next”

Picture 15

For NWNX4, we recommend you to choose : “Multifunctional Database” and click on “Next”.

Picture 16

Generally, you don’t have to modify the setting here, just click on “NEXT”.(Picture 17)

Picture 17

Here, you must choose the maximal number of player you want to have connected in same time.(Picture 18)

Generally, you have to click on “Manual Setting” and enter your own number (30 players could be a reasonable number)

Then click on “NEXT” .

Picture 18

In the following windows (see picture 19)

Leave the two box notched “Enable TCP/IP Networking” and “Enable Strict Mode”. In “Port Number” section, enter the port you want that MySQL listen. Default it’s 3306, we recommend you to leave it at 3306.


Note : For your server to be accessible since external requests to your computer,, you must set your Firewall so that it authorizes calls Incoming and Outgoing on this port. To know how to configure your firewall you can consult this site:http://www.portforward.com/routers.htm which gathers a great number of firewall settings, makes it possible to help you to configure many game. Very useful!


Picture 19

In the next windows, leave “Standard Character Set” then click on “NEXT”. (picture 20)

Picture 20

In the next windows (Picture 21), notch the box “Install As Windows Service” and “Launch the MySQL Server Automatically” for allowing to the instance of MySQL to automatically launch at starting of window …


Then, 1 clicks on “NEXT”.

Picture 21

In the next windows (Picture 22), you must create a password for root access to your database. If NWNX4 is on the same computer than MySQL you’ll need this password to set the nwnx.ini file…

If it is you first installation of MySQL, you’ll certainly saw “Create Security Setting” in place of “Modify Security Setting” and you just have to give your password and confirm it.

The picture bellow, show the case if you want to modify an installation already existing on your computer, so you have to give the old password and the new and next confirm it...


Picture 22

When you have entering your password, don’t notch the boxEnable root access from remote machinesunless you put NWNX on another computer than your MySQL server.

Don’t create an anonymous account, for security reason.

Then click on “NEXT”.

In the following windows (Picture 23), click on, “Execute” to launch the setting of MySQL instance.

Note: I recommend you to disallow your Firewall for that.


Picture 23

When it’s finished you should see a message that inform you the setting is a success, you just have to click on “Finish”. (Picture 24)

Picture 24

Restart your computer, and make CTRL+ALT+DEL. You should see this window (picture 25)

In processus, control that you have “mysql-nt.exe” in the instance. Your server is ready !


Picture 25

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